Pandemics, strikes, soaring bills, budget shortfalls, recruitment issues and much, much more… All just another day on the job these days, right? Have levels of uncertainty ever felt higher? Many of my conversations with schools these days involve the word ‘but’…. ‘I’d love to develop my leader’s skills to improve their abilities to manage their […]

It’s been hard to recruit good quality teachers for some time and it only seems to get harder.   The reality is it’s an employee market right now: There are fewer teachers to recruit There are plenty of vacancies   So how do you attract the best? As a student of excellence, I look at […]

We so often hear about schools no longer being outstanding. But what we don’t hear about as often is those that retained their outstanding judgement. And what I find is these schools have done this by creating really impressive schools, with a great culture.     Tracy Cafull is one of our speakers at Moving […]

Another half term is done. Well done YOU. Yes YOU! Because I know what you’re like. You look out for everyone else, supporting and encouraging them, but it’s not always given back to you. So follow my instructions VERY carefully now. Put your arm in the air. Bend it back at the elbow. And pat […]

Yes, that time of year is coming when people will hand in their notice. There might be some people for whom you think it’s a good decision (for them and/or for your school). But it would be understandable if your heart sank, because recruitment isn’t easy right now. Here are 3 ways to think about […]

Exam season is upon us and I hope it all goes well for you all 🙂 I remember the first post-pandemic SATs and many of the heads I work with shared how nice it felt to be doing SATs. The week had a different feel to it, not pressured, but happy to be doing something […]

As you know I meet a lot of school leaders and walk into a lot of schools. Something I notice is that there’s a difference between the schools that are spinning plates and those that are creating heartbeats (a phrase I’m sharing from a wonderful outstanding headteacher I’ve been lucky to know for many years). […]

Welcome back! Summer term here we go! You might have heard the saying: you’re the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. I think the same is true of schools: You’re the sum of the 5 schools you hang out with the most. So who are you hanging out with? But […]

I don’t know about you but I feel the world is constantly trying to distract me in ways I don’t want. At work, at home, everywhere! I think of distraction as noise. The more of it there is, the noisier it is. And it’s not helpful or nice noise, it’s noise that interferes with whatever […]