Look Outstanding, Become Outstanding

Ensure your school looks like the inspection grade it deserves

Why should you book this walk around?

  • You want to raise expectations in your school.
  • You want to know what changes need to be made to make your school look and feel like a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ school.
  • You want changes which are:
    • Free to make (they require a little time and we’re not talking about expensive redecoration, far from it)
    • Quick to do (each change typically takes 15mins)
    • Have a huge impact on how your school comes across (to anyone who comes into it)

‘Over the past few months I have noted many small changes in the school – the way children behave in the playground for example, or the changed appearance of the meeting area outside the office. The whole school has a subtly altered atmosphere…These are small changes but I regard them as highly significant – and I’m sure they stem from Heads Up.’

Frank Bowron, Governor, St Albans

‘We walked the whole school with Sonia and got a great list of practical ways to make our school look and feel exceptional, both in and outside of class.

It helped confirm ideas I’d had and gave me the reassurance to take them forward. Sonia also gave my team and I, new ideas that were simple, cost free and are already making an impact across our school. The changes have helped me get a clearer head and is improving working practices throughout our school.

I would recommend an ‘Environmental Walk’ with Sonia for any school looking for quick and inexpensive (free) ways to improve the environment and, as a result enhance the atmosphere and culture of the school.’

Rebecca Drysdale, Headteacher, Ilford County High School

Interested in booking an environmental walk round with a Heads Up trainer? 

The cost for our ‘Look Outstanding, Become Outstanding’ service is £600+VAT.

For further information email  [email protected].