Successful Difficult Conversations Training

A one-day workshop for teachers hosted online by Sonia.


Tuesday 2nd July 2024: 09:30 - 16:00


Delivered online using zoom (save money and time)


Learn the skills to resolve difficult conversations quickly, kindly and effectively

At Heads Up we’ve trained over a thousand school leaders in the skills to resolve difficult conversations quickly, kindly and effectively.

So you don’t have to shudder at the prospect of having a difficult conversation.

You don’t have to keep having the same conversations and hoping for different results.

You can save yourself time, money and emotional energy in resolving issues before they get out of hand.

Learn the key skills you need to fix issues quickly, kindly and effectively and be able to apply what you’ve learnt instantly and to immediate effect.

In the morning, you’ll learn the theory of having successful difficult conversations, including:

  • Making sure your message is heard.
  • Managing yours and their emotions.
  • Structuring your difficult conversation for a positive outcome.

In the afternoon, you’ll observe and practise a tough conversation with help from our expert trainers.

Performance and behaviour issues are reducing the quality of your children’s education

But they are all fixable,
if you know how

Fix the issue and be thanked by the person

Get a consistent team approach

So you’re not the only one having these conversations

Reduce Stress

In one day you can learn how to make difficult conversations work

Fix the issue

In 1-3 conversations it’ll be fixed, kindly and for good

Fix these issues quickly and kindly

1,400 school leaders & staff trained

Consistently rated 9.4/10

Best selling book

Learn how to fix issues for good

Imagine knowing how to fix that issue that’s been dragging on.

It is possible.

We can teach you how.

Included in your training

Best selling book for every attendee

A copy of #1 ranked book: Successful Difficult Conversations in School

Participant workbook

Full of all the information you need to keep applying your skills

Be mentored on a real difficult conversation

The opportunity to practice a real difficult conversation and be mentored on how to improve it

Expert, practical advice

You'll learn the theory and how to apply it practically with immediate effect

Next steps

1. Book your training

And book your colleagues a place as well, it's more powerful to learn together.

2. Decide which conversations you want to fix

Which issue do you want to resolve most? Bring us your hardest, so we can help you the most.

3. We’ll show you how fix it

You and your SLT will be able to resolve these issues quickly, kindly and effectively.


Lol! We get it, but school leaders love our training because we’ve made it better by being on zoom. It’s very interactive, you don’t have any travel costs and it means more of your SLT can be part of the training which means it has great impact. This day always gets great feedback and attendees are pleasantly surprised by how well it works online.

No, it’s such an interactive day we don’t record it because not everyone wants to be filmed.

You’ll be our course pack at the start of the training.

Yes, you just need to book them a place each. It’s great to attend this training together because the impact back in school is greater. This means you’re all applying a common framework and you can support each other apply the training in future.

1 ticket gives you one place, so if you’d like your SLT to attend please book enough tickets for the.

You’ll receive them shortly after the training.

Yes! You’ll get the most out of the day if you come with a difficult conversation in mind. You’ll get opportunities through the day to apply the training to it.

We prefer to call it practice, and yes there is. There is an opportunity for those who want to to practise in the afternoon. We make sure this is a safe learning environment and we’ll be there to support you – after all it’s practice and not a test.

We recommend not, because you’ll get to see the theory being put into use by watching others practice their difficult conversations which will really bring the theory to life for you. You’ve paid for the full day so do get the most out of it and stay, people find it so useful to see the impact applying the training has on making a difficult conversation more successful. How often do you get to see a difficult conversation you’re not in, then see how to improve it, then see it go even better? It’s a rare a valuable opportunity for you.

Yes, the training is applicable to any difficult conversation in any setting and you can choose to practice a tough conversation with a parent should you wish.

What people say about the training

“The work we have done with you is some of the best development I’ve had and did more to develop our confidence in handling difficult conversations than qualifications like the NPQH. “

Kevin Gritton, Headteacher,
Saint Benedict’s Catholic Voluntary Primary School, Derby

“Just wanted to say thank you for today. I had no idea what to expect but I really enjoyed the day and received some really useful feedback from you in the most supportive of environments”.

Mrs R Berry,
Head of MFL, The North Halifax Grammar School

“Thank you for a great training day on Friday – it was worth every minute. You inspired me to improve my school and you made it feel possible!

The training has given me the confidence to tackle the difficult conversation and the tools to help it run more smoothly. I can’t wait and I’m not planning on putting them off any longer; I now appreciate how much my school improvement journey depends on it.

I really can’t put into words how uplifting the day was for me.”’

H Ross,
Headteacher, Cheshire

Live stream schedule

09:30 – 10:00Introduction to the session
10:00 – 11:00Making sure your message is heard
11:00 – 11:15Break
11:15 – 11:45Managing the emotions
11:45 – 12:30Structuring your difficult conversation for success
12:30 – 13:00Lunch
13:00 – 13:15Preparing your difficult conversations
13:15 – 15:45Practising your difficult conversations for success (incls break)
15:45 – 16:00Session wrap up

What’s my investment?

£350+VAT per person

Successful Difficult Conversations Training Day
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You need to talk to someone who isn’t doing what you need them to do.

It’s not why you came into leadership, but it’s part of what you need to do.

We teach you to have these conversations kindly and effectively.

At Heads Up we know that you want to be a good leader for your team and children.

To do that you need your school team to teach your school of children as well as you could teach your class.

The problem is that some of your team aren’t all doing what you need them to do and there are issues that need to be resolved, understandably this is frustrating and draining.

We believe that all difficult conversations can be resolved without capability or court which is why since 2011 we’ve not found one we can’t fix kindly and effectively.