We’re all trying to be useful. And I have a lot of free resources that have helped many school leaders. In fact, this video has been watched over 3000 times. Ok, it’s not viral, but it’s a lot.   In fact, you’ll see someone has commented ‘Goodness, why aren’t there more views?’ (and it wasn’t […]

Paul Murphy is the Headteacher, Lancasterian Primary School, Tottenham, London.   It’s a larger than average school, serving a diverse population.    They have a higher than average number of pupils who are eligible for free school meals, speak English as an additional language, have an ECHP and SEN support.   Despite these contextual challenges […]

Half term. Phew! It’s here (or soon will be).   Time to collapse maybe? Get your hair done? Dentist appointment? What else is on the to do list?   Maybe you’re going away for this half term, maybe you’ll be at home.   Whatever your plans, have you planned in time to recuperate?   Recuperation […]

It’s October. Storming season. If all seemed to be going well in Sept, that’s great. But don’t be surprised if a few cracks appear in October. I hope they don’t. But it’s typically when it happens. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Here’s a good rule of thumb for any time of the year. It’ll help you […]

‘Outstanding’ A word that gets all kinds of reactions. Some of these reactions are good, some of them are bad. Some of them are true, some of them are not. It’s a well-known fact that if you want to do better, then learning from the best is one of the quickest ways to do that. […]

Crazy right? 83% of schools. Graded better than good? In the summer term 2023? Against the most recent Ofsted framework!? And they have challenging demographics? Things like high pupil premium, EAL and/or SEND? It’s true. And it’s a reason to celebrate. Because these schools are delivering exceptional education to the communities that arguably need it […]

How is the start of the year going? Really well I hope 🙂 I’m hearing good news, happy vibes and refreshed teams. Yay! That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but the sun is out (inside and outside school)! It’s great to enjoy this month in school. But make sure you do this one thing: Whatever […]

Is your school set up for success or stress? Take the test here:   I’ve made a short, 3 minute quiz. It looks, in depth, at the 3 indicators of success (aka high performance). There is not a sniff of Ofsted criteria, or results data, in the questions. And you get a score and […]

Hi! How were your first few days of this shiny new academic year? What were your favourite moments? What are you looking forward to next week? What lessons are you learning this week to take into next? If you’d like to share then I’d love to be shared with 🙂 Drop me a quick note […]