Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good

A one-day workshop for headteachers and SLT hosted online by Sonia.


Friday 20th September 2024: 09:30 - 15:30
Tuesday, 12th November 2024: 09:30-15:30


Delivered online using zoom (save money and time and learn together as a team)


Create a high performing team through a culture built by design

Do you want your school to be outstanding? Then you’re in the right place!

Schools that follow the methods outlined in this workshop are 300% more likely to be graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.
And without looking at their criteria once.

The workshop covers 4 key tools that Outstanding schools use to help reduce their workload and increase their productivity and strategic focus.

The four key tools:

Tool 1: How to quickly grow excellence in your team using an effective and efficient performance matrix.

Tool 2: How to have successful difficult conversations resolving those little and larger problems that waste a large amount of time.

Tool 3: Techniques and examples of ways to create a more powerful vision to align the team.

Tool 4: The clues that indicate how good your school is for Ofsted inspectors when they arrive

Your expert trainer

Sonia has spent a decade finding and visiting schools that had recently been graded as Outstanding despite having very tough challenges. She has learned the secret of their success, and it’s not because they have a great curriculum or a perfect demographic.

It's because they escaped the ‘grind of Good’

What is the ‘grind of Good’? It’s the combination of many small factors that together drag back the progress of a school. Problems such as: 

Staff who aren’t following school procedures, like submitting data, are negative to change, or are even causing a hostile environment for other people.

Staff don’t all take the initiative or lead their areas.

Poor time-keeping, negative body language, ‘tomorrow, not today’ attitudes…

These are all the small behavioural problems that add up to have a disproportionate impact on progress.

These are all examples of the grind of Good; it can feel like herding cats, and it stops you from long-term strategic planning. 

That’s why Sonia created this workshop; to give school leaders the tools to break through the human barriers that prevent the attainment of excellence.

What Is Covered On The Day?

09:30 – 10:00Welcome & self-assessment
10:00 – 10:40The glass ceiling of ‘good’ & how to break it
10:40 – 11:15Tool 1: How to quickly grow excellence in your team
11:15 – 11:30Break
11:30 – 12:20Tool 2: How to have successful difficult conversations
12:20 – 13:00Break for lunch
13:00 – 14:00Tool 3: Quick ways to create a more powerful vision
14:00 – 14:10Break
14:10 – 14:25

How Heads Up supports schools to go from good to great (optional)

14.25 – 14.55Tool 4: The secret clues that give away how good your school is
14:55 – 15:30Wrap up
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Don't just take our word for it! Here's what heads have said:

“A super professional, inspiring and strategic day that really gave my team and I some things to think about. The structure and cohesiveness of the day worked really well and the break out rooms were an excellent addition.”

P Philips, Headteacher, East Wichel

“A really inspiring day and it was so useful that my whole SLT could be on the event together. The group breakout rooms were excellent and meant that we could be really productive in our conversations whereas if we had been mixed schools I don’t think we would have got as much from them. The day flew by which is always the sign of an excellent course!

The course has really enabled me to get my whole SLT on board with my vision and desire to move our school forward, it has brought us together in that mindset…. and now the hard work begins!”

S Hayes, Headteacher, St Paulinus Catholic Primary School

“It was a really useful and different perspective on outstanding that looked beyond “Ofsted” as a measure and focused at the heart of a school’s culture and its ability to develop the day to day high performance that gets outstanding by default. Really refreshing and thought provoking.”

S Askey, Senior Leader, North Cestrian School

Have a great day or your money back

We started Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good in 2018 and have helped over two hundred schools with an average feedback score of 9.4/10. We are confident that you will gain great tools for your school, because if you don’t, we will give you a full refund.


Lol! We get it, but school leaders love our training because we’ve made it better by being on zoom. It’s very interactive, you don’t have any travel costs and it means more of your SLT can be part of the training which means it has great impact. This day always gets great feedback and attendees are pleasantly surprised by how well it works online.

No, it’s such an interactive day we don’t record it because not everyone wants to be filmed.

Yes, you’ll be sent these before the day.

One ticket gives access to up to 6 of your SLT. Additional places can be purchased.

You’ll receive them shortly after the training.