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We all know we need to tackle under-performance, but doing so is hard on you and those involved.

When you do raise the issues people can often react badly, go off-sick, go to their union or put in a grievance, leaving you wondering how best to proceed (and wishing you hadn’t raised the issue!).

Conflict is costing you at least £13k pa if you’re a 1-form entry school.

And you can add at least £10k pa for each additional form!

Let us help you manage this tricky landscape with more confidence and success and in the best interests for your team, children and you – because no-one comes to work to do a bad job.


Clare Fowler, Employment Solicitor

YESS law believe 'life's too short to litigate' and Clare uses her wealth of experience to support many Educationalists navigate capability without going to court.

Leaders are expected to somehow just "know" the intricacies and pitfalls of complicated staff management and care issues despite having little or no training in these areas. These issues, if they are not dealt with effectively, become a drain on the head's time, the school's limited resources and have a negative impact on the school's ability to educate the children.

Clare's goal is to try and help you deal with those problems promptly so that you can go back to focusing on education.

Clare is also a governor of a large secondary school.

Sonia Gill, Founder & Director of Heads Up

Sonia has supported hundreds of school leaders have resolve difficult conversations without capability or court. To date the training is 100% recommend.

Sonia will be sharing practical, easy to use tips on how to have those tricky conversations more successfully and less stressfully.

She is the author of #1 Amazon ranked books ‘Successful Difficult Conversations in School’ and 'Journey to Outstanding'.


10:00Introduction to the day
10:15Clare Fowler, Employment Solicitor- "Managing capability: avoiding the pitfalls and working with Unions"
11:25Clare Fowler, Employment Solicitor- "Managing sickness"
12:25Lunch break
13:10Sonia Gill, Founder & Director of Heads Up: "Introduction to solving your difficult conversations (without capability or court)"
14:10How Heads Up supports schools to become genuinely outstanding
14:30Q&A with Clare Fowler and Sonia Gill
15:30Conference wrap up

Who is it for?


Executive Headteachers

Deputy Headteachers

Assistant Headteachers





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We're proud to have resolved all the issues schools have brought to us without capability or court