I hope SATs went well last week, and the GCSEs & A-Levels continue to.   Time. Money. Two resources we never seem to have enough of.   But which is more important? Time. Why? Because: money buys time. And what do we do with time?   I know school finances are incredibly hard right now. […]

It’s hard in school right now. Falling rolls. Recruitment challenges. Complex needs like we’ve not seen before. I get it.   What can you do about it? There’s only so much in your control. And sadly a lot of aspects that aren’t. I’m always looking for those schools who are achieving above average success, in […]

I know a lot of you are having difficult conversations with parents.  And there seem to be more of these conversations. And they seem to be harder.   Do you have a parent who keeps coming in for a range of issues?   A tip many find useful is to arrange a regular meeting with […]

Welcome back after the Easter holidays.   Summer 1.And we all know this is an important term for resignations. I’m not trying to depress you, I promise.  But we all know May half term is crunch time.   With recruitment more challenging than ever, it’s understandable if you want to hold onto every member of […]

Last week I shared the inspiring story of Jo and the team at Clockhouse and their journey to outstanding. In that story I mention the cultural eco-system. What on earth is the ‘cultural eco-system’? It has 3 elements: Vision Values Strategy And they are critical to creating a high-performing, outstanding, team. But there’s a problem. […]

Jo had a problem that a lot of headteachers will be familiar with.  She had a good team, who worked hard and were mostly fully onboard with her goal of delivering excellence to all her children (though some of them ‘didn’t get it’, most did). They didn’t have the easiest of contexts, being a large […]