Let’s face it, this is a life skill (if you’ve got my book check out who I dedicated it too-  There is a priority order in your school and it goes like this: Start with your Senior Leadership Team – it’s a must for them because they’ll have the most, they’ll have the hardest and […]

Here’s how reactions look like in an RI, Good and Outstanding school. You’ve got an idea to improve an aspect of school, maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s maths, maybe it’s playtime. You’re excited to share it. And you do, at a staff meeting. Depending on the culture of your school you will tend to get […]

I know recruitment is hard. Even without teacher shortages it’s hard, because it’s hard to find the right people. And yet the success of your school has a lot to do with the people you recruit. So how does a vision make it easier? Let me share a story of head who found it did. […]

It’s highly likely that we are someone else’s difficult conversation. I’m sure you work to get things right but sadly without realising it it’s likely that there’s something we do that isn’t working for someone or a group. Maybe that ‘thing’ is something we accept as necessary, maybe we’re not aware of it. What it means […]

As a leader it can be hard to get quality feedback from your team as people have a natural and understandable reticence about giving their boss feedback. But without it our own professional development is starved. Here are 3 ideas to help you encourage feedback from your team. Creating two-way feedback when you’re the boss Two-way […]

It’s hard to move a school from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’, but even harder to move a school from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’. In fact, there’s a high chance that a ‘Good’ school will remain ‘Good’ or slip down. Out of 3734 schools reviewed, only 4% moved from Good to Outstanding in their next inspection1, 4%! […]

It slightly loathes me to say this but there are some give away clues in schools that let you judge how good they are. It loathes me because these clues are pretty superficial, I’d go so far as to call them daft…but they keep coming up. Here are *** daft but true environmental correlations I […]

Love quick, easy and free ways to improve your school? Here are two key areas that will  improve your environment and what it says about your school – common issues I see in most schools. Tidy up your reception area The entrance of your school says a lot about you, take a step back and […]

When I was a teacher, no-one told me how to manage parents! Working in a school means you’re inevitably going to have to deal with parents and some of these conversations will be difficult. If you or your team sometimes struggle with these conversations, then here’s something to help. My ‘Successful difficult conversations with parents […]