Hello! Thanks to everyone who got in touch since last week. I’ve had a lot of interesting responses about what one question you would ask an expert about having difficult conversations! My expert is working on the answers which we’ll be sharing after half-term. I’m Phil McMillan from Heads Up, back again with some thoughts […]

Thanks so much for all the replies to my question last week from Stuart, Sylvia, K, Jennifer and everyone else about what would make having difficult conversations easier for you. If you missed last week’s post, I’m Phil McMillan from Heads Up. This term I’ll be sharing some thoughts and looking to hear from you about […]

Do you hate having difficult conversations? I do. I’m Phil McMillan from Heads Up (aka Mr Sonia Gill!). Back when I was a team manager nothing filled me with more dread than having to tackle a member of my team about their performance or behaviour. Two weeks in to the new term and I’d imagine […]

Are you expecting inspectors? Then how about a handy crib sheet to help you from the moment you get the call?  This comes from Paul Murphy, Headteacher at Lancasterian Primary School, Haringey, London who had their inspection in May – thank you Paul 😊 If you’ve not got one already then please click here to automatically download […]

I had the pleasure of supporting a MAT develop their vision: ‘Life is a journey and nobody’s path is certain in this rapidly changing world. Together we are stronger…’ We will guide and inspire you along the way. When you let go of our hand, you and I will know that you will choose the […]

Christmas.. always a special time of the year, and always a bit of a headache finding that little something different without breaking the bank! And so, Kay our very own angel 🙂 has put together some great gift ideas for you:  Something that almost everyone would love is a gift from Boomf.  They do nine gorgeously […]

Sometimes a conversation is difficult because the other person doesn’t understand there is a problem – you might have told them several times but feel that they don’t appreciate how serious this is or that they don’t acknowledge that there is a problem. One of the school leadership team’s I support had exactly this issue; […]

I worked with the team at Capel Manor Primary school to help them create their vision and several years on it’s still one of my favourites:        

  At our annual conference ‘Moving to Outstanding 2016: Best practice from outstanding head teachers’ the brilliant Gillian Kemp, Headteacher at Cyril Jackson Primary School in London, shared a way in which you can have a pretty good idea of when your next inspection will be. I’d never heard of this way before but speaking […]