Get out of the ‘grind of good’

Create an outstanding school for your children
(not Ofsted)

Schools we work with are 300% more likely to become outstanding
(without looking at the framework)

The truth

Most schools won’t become outstanding.

Only 6% gain or maintain their outstanding

The challenge

You have a great plan and dream for your school.

If only people would do it.

The solution

We get your team 100% on board so your plan and dream school can come to life.

Is ‘good’ really good enough for your children?

For your team?

For you?

What is the Journey to Outstanding Programme?

A 10 session programme, with your SLT, we’ll get your team 100% with you.

If 100% of your team aren’t with you, 

you’ll be stuck in the grind of good, 

dealing with the same challenges day in day out.

We move schools out of the ‘grind of good’ by getting your team 100% on board so your plans bring your dream school to life, the school you became a head to lead. 

Programme overview

Phase 1

You will learn how to resolve your difficult conversations kindly and effectively

Phase 2

We will create your cultural eco-system for excellence

Phase 3

You will embed your vision in your school so your whole team is with your journey to excellence

See the full programme details here.

Since 2011 we’ve been perfecting the programme to get the best results for schools. Our trainers have supported many schools go on this transformational journey.

Meet the Team

Sophie Bevan

Since 2014 I’ve been supporting school leaders to create genuinely outstanding schools, helping them craft powerful visions for excellence and supporting them to have successful difficult conversations.

I graduated as an Actor from the Drama Centre London and enjoyed a professional acting career in Theatre and Film. I developed an interest and expertise in personal communication and development and used my skills as an actor to help businesses, such as KPMG, CitiBank and Barclays Capital, to communicate effectively and bring about change.

Lilian Flynn

I have spent over a decade in the education and training field, teaching both primary and secondary school students in a teaching career that has taken me from Dublin to Abu Dhabi to London. I am also a qualified coach and I hold an MSc in Applied positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Two of my passions are, education and helping others realise their full potential. I love being part of the mission to make every school outstanding, so all children can have the education they deserve.

Czarina Deen

I trained as an actress at Arts Educational Schools & Drama Centre. My acting career has been varied, encompassing theatre, commercials, short films, radio and even stand-up!

I completed a BA Hons in Performance Studies and have taught theatre and acting in drama schools and FE colleges.

I love my work for Heads Up as it is a perfect way to use my expertise in theatre techniques and performance skills to help people become better communicators. I believe in giving candidates the skills and confidence to conduct necessary ‘difficult conversations’ to learn and grow, which ultimately leads to an outstanding school environment for all.

Carol Starks

I trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and since then I’ve appeared in a whole range of theatre and television over the years – from Dirty Dancing in the West End, to Arthur Miller and Sondheim at the National Theatre, from one-off television dramas to a two-year stint on a soap.

I have two sons and I was always very involved in their primary school, helping out with drama productions and in their classrooms, so I’ve spent a lot of time in schools.

It’s very exciting to be part of Heads Up and I’m looking forward to using my experience to help you solve these difficult conversations.

All schools are working hard

Some become outstanding

The impact

Schools we support are 300% more likely to be judged outstanding
And we don’t look at the framework

The Journey to Outstanding Plan:

1. Book a call

Together we’ll make sure the programme is right for you

2. Join the programme

And you’ll be sent your programme schedule, supporting videos and resources

3. Move your school from good to great

GIve your children the gift of a great school, and Ofsted will love it as a by-product

Included in your training

Dedicated trainer

Your trainer will be with throughout your programme

Slides provided

So you can easily refer back to the content

Best selling book for each of your team

A copy of best selling book: ‘Journey to Outstanding (second edition) and ‘Successful Difficult Conversations in School’

What People Say

What’s my investment?


Learn as an SLT

The programme is for up to 6 SLT, and it’s just £500+VAT for per extra person

Spread the cost

You can split your invoice over financial years, so it’s £5,000 per year

Staff are your biggest cost, make it work

Around 86% of your budget is your staff cost. Are you getting the most out of it?


We can work with more in a leadership team, talk to us about this.

That’s ok, but there might be some middle leaders you want to be part of this. We’ll talk about this with you.

No, the programme works and the results show that. We want you to get the most out of the programme and create a genuinely outstanding school. To do that we need to do the full programme according to where your school is when we start.

Yes, over two financial years.

Most of the training is delivered live online with your trainer.

We need to talk. We’re not fixated on the Ofsted judgement and a short conversation with you will let us both become clear about where your school currently is.

That’s ok, they will be able to join in the training. Your SLT is going to keep changing, as is your team and the cultural foundations we’re building will make it easier for new people to join and become part of your high performing team.

No, the programme starts at the start of each term and all are just as good times to start.

We’re afraid not. The work on vision is deep, unique work relevant to your school and so we can’t get the same level of impact if two different schools, with different heads, do it together.

Yes as long as they commit to being present at all of the training dates for the duration of the sessions.

We haven’t found any increase in the results you achieve if Governors are included and we find having more members of your SLT involved is more important.

This might be possible, please get in touch to talk about this with us. Click here to arrange a call.

We understand you don’t do what you do for Ofsted, you do it for your children

Which is why we help headteachers get their team 100% on board so their great plans turn into reality, it just so happens our schools are 300% more likely to be judged as outstanding as a by-product.

We know that you want be a headteacher who gives your children the very best education.
In order to do that your team needs to teach your school of children as well as you could teach a class or children.
The problem is that some of your team aren’t all doing what you need them to do.
Which can make you feel frustrated because your plans are great, if only everyone would do them.
Which can make you feel frustrated because you can see what needs to be done, if only your whole team would too.
We believe good education isn’t good enough for our children
We understand you don’t do what you do for Ofsted, you do it for your children
Which is why we help headteachers get their team 100% on board so their great plans turn into reality, it just so happens our schools are 300% more likely to be judged as outstanding as a by-product.