Create a great school vision – Free e-course

If you want your school to be outstanding, you need to get your vision in shape – a bad one does little for you, but a great one gets your team on your bus and chomping at the bit to achieve it.

Our freeCreate a great vision’ e-course can help you!

You’ll learn:

  1. Is your vision working? A simple acid test to find out.
  2. Why is a vision so important (why you can’t just ‘tick the box’ of having one)
  3. Who should write your vision
  4. The difference between a vision and mission
  5. The most common mistakes made in visions

And all in bite size chunks (5 mins or less for each part) over the next 2 weeks because I know how busy school life is.

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Course creator:

Sonia Gill has helped many schools create their unique and powerful vision, one their team can easily remember and one they are motivated by.