Are they really better

Does anyone retain it

Is it worth it

5 myths about ‘outstanding’ schools put to the test

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Your strategy needs to be based on accurate information

No-one delivers education for OFSTED,
you deliver for your children.

But you do want to learn from the best.

So are ‘Outstanding’ schools really better?

Are they schools you should be learning from?

Sort the facts from the myths with our report

You’re going to get the facts that will tell you:
- Is it even possible to maintain ‘Outstanding’?
- Is it easier for outstanding schools because they have easier demographics?
- Do outstanding schools have higher progress data?
- Surely outstanding schools have fewer pupils who require additional support?
- Do they simply have more money?

Data analysis rather than opinion

Real life examples of schools that have bust the myths to deliver excellence

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We don’t care about the badge of outstanding.
We care, as you do, about children getting excellent education.

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