We Help Schools tHRIVE

Leadership training

with a lasting impact.

Work less and achieve more

Get more bang from your budget

Get 100% of your team on board

Are you a good school that wants to be even better?

see the impact of Heads Up in this video:

Your plans, Policies and People are good,

Yet you know you can do better, you're just not sure how

We can help by teaching your team how to:

Resolve people problems faster

We'll show you how to fix these issues kindly, quickly and effectively.

Create a culture that thrives rather than strives

Outstanding school teams work smarter not harder.

Make your money go further

Get your existing budget working harder for you

Move your school from Good to Great
with our three tiers of training

The quick fix: Successful Difficult Conversations

Fix the current people issues in your team with our Successful Difficult Conversations 1 day training.

The transformation from good to great

Get an introduction to the essential strategies you need on our 1 day training ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good’

Staying great

Stay outstanding as part of  our Educational Excellence Mastermind group of school leaders

Like you we don’t do it for Ofsted.
We do it for your children.

Schools we support are 300% more likely to be judged outstanding And we don’t look at the framework

#1 selling book: Successful Difficult Conversations in School

Over 434 schools supported

Over 1,984 school leaders supported

Feedback average 9+/10

#1 selling book: Journey to Outstanding
(2nd edition)

We know that you want be a headteacher who gives your children the very best education.

In order to do that your team needs to teach your school of children as well as you could teach a class or children.

The problem is that some of your team aren’t all doing what you need them to do.

Which can make you feel frustrated because your plans are great, if only everyone would do them.
Which can make you feel frustrated because you can see what needs to be done, if only your whole team would too.

We believe good education isn’t good enough for our children

We understand you don’t do what you do for Ofsted, you do it for your children

Which is why we help headteachers get their team 100% on board so their great plans turn into reality, it just so happens our schools are 300% more likely to be judged as outstanding as a by-product.

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