Improve Your Difficult Conversations

What’s your problem?

Sometimes a conversation is difficult because the other person doesn’t understand there is a problem – you might have told them several times but feel that they don’t appreciate how serious this is or that they don’t acknowledge that there is a problem. One of the school leadership team’s I support had exactly this issue; […]

We’ve got a crier!

So you’re having a difficult conversation and they start to cry. What do you do? I get asked this a lot, because it happens quite often. When someone cries in a difficult conversation it’s awkward and in my experience most of us are unsure what to do and most of us feel guilty because we […]

Have conflict because you care

Having conflict is stressful.  Acutely.But not having conflict is also stressful.  Chronically. However one of these has the opportunity to end the stress.  Having the difficult conversation, tackling the issue, whilst stressful in itself, if done well can free you of the stress altogether. And what’s more is that it takes the stress off the […]