One way to know whether you need to have that difficult conversation

It’s October.

Storming season.

If all seemed to be going well in Sept, that’s great.

But don’t be surprised if a few cracks appear in October.

I hope they don’t. But it’s typically when it happens.


Don’t worry, it’s normal.


Here’s a good rule of thumb for any time of the year.

It’ll help you decide if you need to have that difficult conversation.

I heard someone say it.

It made me laugh.

I thought it was also wise:


‘If I wake up two mornings in a row thinking about you 

(and we’re not sleeping together) 

it means we have a problem or you’ve got to go’.


It’s a good rule of thumb that something has got to change.

And it would mean we’re nipping issues in the bud, which is usually easier.


Do you have a good rule of thumb for knowing that ‘it’s time to talk…’?

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