They’re back! 2-minute tips for better difficult conversations

You may remember my 2-minute top tips; weekly videos designed to help you tackle tough conversations in school. 

And they’re coming back next week!

Here’s what to expect:

Here’s what happens next:


  1. Next Wednesday 28th February I’ll land in your inbox with a top tip about a difficult conversation that is showing up more than ever this year. 

And of course I’ll give you practical tips to help you move that issue forward.


  1. I’m going to send you the first one, but (and this is important), if you want to keep getting my 2-minute top tips to help you have more successful difficult conversations you need to subscribe to them here:
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I’m honoured to be welcomed into your inbox every week with this email, and if you’d like my top tips I’d be honoured to be invited again 🙂 

Spotlight Resource

This week is…me! Do you need to have a challenging difficult conversation that you’d like some tips about?

Ask me:

’Sonia, what should I do in a difficult conversation when…’

‘When they do ‘x’ what should I do…’

‘In a difficult conversation I find it really hard to…’


I’ll make you a 2-minute top tip (don’t worry, I know these are sensitive issues, so I won’t name you). 


Ask me, and I’ll answer. And in doing so I know you’ll be helping many others who have that same question.