How do I talk to someone about their conduct?

It’s hard to talk to someone about their conduct.

It doesn’t feel as concrete as something like lateness or not following policy.

But it’s so important. 

Because conduct is our behaviour.

And culture is our behaviour over time – as critical to your school’s success as performance is

(and I would suggest it’s more important).


So how can you talk to someone about their conduct?

The key is to have concrete examples, three is enough.


Often people don’t realise how their behaviour is coming across.

Examples help them to understand.


And if they are aware of their behaviour, then examples will give you a common ground to talk about it.


I hope you don’t need to have this conversation, but in my experience it’s a common issue.

One we’d understandably rather avoid. 

I hope this tip helps you.


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Nobody likes to have difficult conversations (including me!).


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