Outstanding schools

What does outstanding look like?

It slightly loathes me to say this but there are some give away clues in schools that let you judge how good they are. It loathes me because these clues are pretty superficial, I’d go so far as to call them daft…but they keep coming up. Here are *** daft but true environmental correlations I […]

Simple, cheap ways to improve your environment

Love quick, easy and free ways to improve your school? Here are two key areas that will  improve your environment and what it says about your school – common issues I see in most schools. Tidy up your reception area The entrance of your school says a lot about you, take a step back and […]

Growing excellence in your team

This strategy is about letting everyone be excellent at what they do. Typically, what happens when a school is in ‘RI’ is they do what I call ‘wholesale’ training; training which everyone needs and everyone attends. This is the right thing to do at this stage. But what happens when you get to ‘good’? Usually, […]

Some help with your inspection 

Are you expecting inspectors? Then how about a handy crib sheet to help you from the moment you get the call?  This comes from Paul Murphy, Headteacher at Lancasterian Primary School, Haringey, London who had their inspection in May – thank you Paul 😊 If you’ve not got one already then please click here to automatically download […]

The magic ingredient on your journey to outstanding

Getting to good is hard work, I’m in schools every day and I see that first hand. However becoming outstanding can be a bit of a mystery. I know heads who can walk into a requires improvement school (or worse) and turn it around to be good; some specialise in this. But getting to outstanding […]