Nothing is significantly wrong (but so much more could be right…)

Right, it’s the second half of the school year.

What are you going to do with it?

Most schools are good.

Most schools stay at good.

This is…well…good.

But as one headteacher of a good school recently wrote to me:

The way I think things are – 

nothing is significantly wrong but so much more could be right… 

(I need the right people on the bus/boat!)*

Do you feel this way?

What could be ‘more right’?

And what are you going to do about it?

Schools get stuck at good, it’s a grind and it’s not what you want for your children.
And they don’t get struck because the Ofsted criteria changes.

They get stuck because they keep doing what got them to good and not what will get them to great.

Like you, we’re passionate about making schools great.

It’s better for your children and better for you and your team.

Learn what is really needed to shift from good to great at:

Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good – 1 day workshop

Tuesday 7th March or Thursday 27th April.

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*Wondering what this means? Check out this short video ‘Getting everyone on your bus will get you to good, not great. Here’s why.’