How many of your team are one of these 3?

Do this with me:

Grab a piece of paper.

Write down how many people are in your team (the number on payroll, but don’t worry about being exact).

Now write down these three headings side by side:

Some issues                          Solid                          Superstars

  1. How many of them are superstars? (They’re so good you’d clone them if you could!).
    Write that under the heading.
  2. How many of them have some issues? (You know the ones, there are some ‘issues’, for whatever reason).
    Write that under the heading.
  3. How many are left? These are your solid people.
    Write that under the heading.

What does it tell you?

Now let’s play with this.

What if you halved the number of people in the ‘solid issues’ column? 

Change the number on paper to this new number.

Imagine that for a moment.

How much of a positive difference would that make?

What if you moved half the people from solid to superstars?

Change the number on paper to this new number.

Sit with that thought for a few seconds.

How much of a positive difference would that make?

Most schools have the majority of their team in the ‘solid’ column.

Great schools have most of their teams in the ‘superstars’ column.

How do you move them there?

To move ‘some issues’ forward, we need to address the issues by having successful difficult conversations.

To help those solid people become superstars, we need to create cultural clarity.

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