Do you find recruiting quality teachers easy? I know schools who do…

It’s been hard to recruit good quality teachers for some time and it only seems to get harder.


The reality is it’s an employee market right now:

  • There are fewer teachers to recruit
  • There are plenty of vacancies


So how do you attract the best?

As a student of excellence, I look at who is recruiting quality teachers and how they do it:


  • They’re not paying more. Let’s face it, pay is what it is. You have some margin for movement, but not a lot.
  • The job is what it is. The fundamentals of the job is what it is. Maybe you don’t mark books in your school, maybe you do. 


The key difference I see with successful recruiters is culture.


Schools who are recruiting great teachers have a culture people want to be part of.

They share this. 

They recruit for it.

And I’ve seen schools bring in new, very high quality teachers who raise the bar and standards across the school – as they say a rising tide lifts all boats.


What can you do to show who you are, as a school, to potential candidates?


The schools I’m thinking of have invested time in creating a great culture, not just a good one. And this is what we find moves a school out of the grind of good and into the joy of great.


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