Heartwarming: heads in areas of deprivation leading outstanding schools

Today is the last chance to get early bird tickets for next year’s annual conference ‘Outstanding Against the Odds’. 

This year we heard from 5 headteachers who deliver educational excellence in tough contexts.


Headteachers like:


Linda Hothersall and her team at Eastgate Academy serve a community with high deprivation. I’ve been to the school, I’ve seen their context.

For those children, they need the very best education. More than others might.

They’ve been given ‘outstanding’ twice, most recently in 2023.


Paula Phillips and her team at East Wichel Primary & Nursery has led the first school to outstanding in Swindon, bucking a narrative about Swindon being one of the worst places to live in the country and an education cold spot. The school was given outstanding in Dec 2022.


Paul Murphy and the Lancasterian team serve a tough demographic in Tottenham.

Good isn’t good enough for them.

In fact, meet Paul in this short 2:30 min video – need this to be ready.

The school has gone from the bottom of the borough to outstanding in four out of five areas, in June 2023.


These schools deliver stunning levels of education in the areas that need it most.


We’re finding next year’s speakers right now.

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Outstanding Against the Odds 2024:

Best practice from recently Outstanding Headteachers


Thursday 21st November 2024


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