The best tool for accelerating excellence in your team

Would you like to improve your team, with minimum input and maximum output?

‘Yes!’ I hear you cry!

I mean, who wouldn’t?


So let me share this tool which school leaders love (after all it’s Valentine’s day next week so let’s share the love).


It’s great for creating high performance. 

It’s beautifully simple and Incredibly powerful.

It is…(drumroll please)…the performance behaviour matrix.


This is one of 4 tools I share on my training day ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good’ and it’s an absolute fav among school leaders.


Instead of explaining it all here I have a very handy video, 4min, that you can watch by following this link and that is this week’s…


Spotlight Resource

The performance behaviour matrix: the best tool for strategically growing excellence in your team


If you like this tool then come and get some all 4 tools at ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Good’. I ran the day last week and school leaders rated it 9.6/10! (I did a little dance because that means it helped a lot).


1 ticket gives access for you and your senior leadership team.

It’s a really good day to think strategically as an SLT.

And it’s a bargain at just £350+VAT for you and your SLT.

Come and spend the day with me and let’s get your team growing faster 🙂