Resignation date has been and gone. How was it for you? Some advice.

Resignation date has been and gone. How was it for you?
Some people who need a new opportunity have moved on.
Some who you wish were staying are leaving.

This presents an all too familiar leadership challenge: recruitment.
And yes, we know that’s hard right now. Harder than ever.

So here’s some advice if you’re feeling like there’s a hard challenge ahead.
Let’s look at your data.
How many vacancies have you not filled?
How many do you think you’ve filled badly (at the time of recruitment, not further down the line because we’ve hired people we thought were going to be great and for whatever reason it’s not worked out).
What do these facts tell you?

I’m not saying the future is guaranteed. And you’re certainly going to need to put your best foot forward to get great people in your team.

But hopefully you can see that you’ve done well in the past:
You have been recruiting for all vacancies.
You’ve recruited people you believed would be good in your time.
Your data tells you you can do this.

And you can.
In fact, how often has someone left and you’ve brought in someone even better?

There are people out there waiting to find you. There might be less of them, but they are there.

And remember, some leavers might present an opportunity to do things a bit differently and ultimately better.

Whatever happened for you I hope you’re feeling optimistic because there are opportunities waiting for you and you’ve succeeded in the past.

Look forward to meeting those new gems who are looking for you – you’ve just not met yet 🙂

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