Money isn’t your problem, time is

I hope SATs went well last week, and the GCSEs & A-Levels continue to.


Time. Money.

Two resources we never seem to have enough of.


But which is more important?



Because: money buys time.

And what do we do with time?


I know school finances are incredibly hard right now.

And more money in your school budget is something everyone working in education wants.


But it’s not in our control.


Budgets mainly buy time, or resources to free up time.

And yet we have an interesting relationship with time.


We all want more of it.

But we kill time.

We give it away.

We let others rob us of it.

We steal other people’s.


Why do we do this?

For many, many reasons.

But I think a major one is that tomorrow you know you’ll get 24 hours again.


So here’s the reframe:

Time is money.

Now start thinking about it that way.

Can I have 10 minutes of your time = can I have £10 from you please?

You’ve got an important piece of work to do. How much of your time is it worth? I reckon at least £10, if not more. What’s the return on that investment of your time?


Try this today:

Give every minute a value: be it £1.

Then see how you spend it.

And think about what return you get for it.


For example, a minute spent on something that doesn’t make a difference might be wasted money.

A minute on something that is useful, but not high value to the school, is maybe a £2 return.

Every minute on a high value task (something that moves the school forward, and is a good use of your time) is a £100 return.


You get the idea.

Make it easy to do.

And do it for even an hour or two, and see what it tells you about what return you are getting on your time investment.


Let me know what you find out.


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