How are you? If it’s feeling hard, you’re not alone. Two things that might help

How are you?


I mean it, really, how are you?


If things are feeling hard right now, you’re not alone.


With just weeks until the end of term, uncertain budgets, recruitment being harder than ever, the day to day running of a school brings all sorts of challenges, it’s understandable if it feels hard and pressured right now. I’m hearing this from so many heads.


A simple tip

Even though it’s hard, I know school brings a lot of joy, 

Can you take a moment to walk through your school?

It can be easy to not to, with so many demands on your time, but even a few minutes is a real booster and reminder of why we do what we do. 


I did this earlier this week in a school I love being in, seeing the children learning, the teacher enthusing, seeing the smiles, feeling the atmosphere. It felt like despite all the pressures, so much was right in the world.


That’s a quick tip, which you know, and maybe needed a reminder for (maybe not).


A helping hand

Here’s something else that might help: Tell me what you’re finding hard right now.


I will reply with some suggestions that can help. Either by email or I’ll pick up the phone.

Not sure I can help with a particular issue? Maybe I can’t, but put me to the test.

  • Is there a recruitment challenge you can’t seem to fix?
  • Is there a level of stress, anxiety, frustration that you want to move past?
  • Are you worried about staff well-being or morale, or both?

They’re just a few ideas. What is it for you?


Sometimes an outside perspective can help, and I’ve helped school leaders with these leadership challenges and more. The solutions we come up with often turn problems into opportunities, and frowns upside down.


So ask me, by phone or text or email.

I want to help you and your school.

No strings attached, no fee, no sales pitch, just advice which will help you move that challenge forward.


You’re our incredible (let’s face it, superhuman) school leaders. 

Let me see if I can help you, I’d be honoured to.