Good luck with SATs next week, and GCSEs the following

Exam season is upon us and I hope it all goes well for you all 🙂


I remember the first post-pandemic SATs and many of the heads I work with shared how nice it felt to be doing SATs. 


The week had a different feel to it, not pressured, but happy to be doing something normal, to see the children settle and get ready to shine.


Yes, there are many arguments from all angles about exams and tests and I’m sure that debate will continue.


But as you and your team’s head into exams, I hope there is the same level of calm joy that I recall post-covid. It gave a different perspective and a nice one.


I realise you might say: that’s all well and good Sonia but do you realise that Ofsted and others are always looking at our data?


I do. I really do. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that outstanding schools don’t have outstanding data anymore. Not like they used to. I’ve been meeting outstanding schools for over a decade, and they’re data used to glow green. But not anymore, it seems Ofsted might, just might, be looking beyond that. Let’s hope so.


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Moving to Outstanding 2023: Best practice from recently outstanding headteachers

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