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Ask Sonia – your difficult conversations agony aunt!

Good morning! I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable half term! I had some great responses to my last e-blog about your worst experiences of difficult conversations and the lessons you learnt for the future so thank you for those! As I’ve had so many excellent questions and comments over the course of this term we […]

What’s the worst that could happen?

Good morning! Many thanks to all the messages I’ve received in response to last week’s question about communicating clearly. Here is another installment from me, Phil McMillan from Heads Up, on some more thoughts and tips on how to handle those difficult conversations that are needed to drive improvement. We’re going to address some of […]

Why do conversations never go to plan???

Hello! Thanks to everyone who got in touch since last week. I’ve had a lot of interesting responses about what one question you would ask an expert about having difficult conversations! My expert is working on the answers which we’ll be sharing after half-term. I’m Phil McMillan from Heads Up, back again with some thoughts […]