The results are in! 83% of these inspected schools are better than good. How?

Crazy right?

83% of schools.

Graded better than good?

In the summer term 2023?

Against the most recent Ofsted framework!?

And they have challenging demographics?

Things like high pupil premium, EAL and/or SEND?


It’s true.

And it’s a reason to celebrate.

Because these schools are delivering exceptional education to the communities that arguably need it most.


That’s something we can all rejoice in.

And they show that it can be done.

We can create exceptional schools.

Despite the circumstances.

How did they do it?

They got their culture right.

They made it high performing.

So they could move from good to great.

Not for Ofsted, but for their children, their community.


I’ve walked into these schools.

I’ve had the privilege of working with them.

Helping them make that cultural shift.


They have happy teams.

And stunning schools.

They show it can be done.

They are outstanding against the odds.

In areas where they said it couldn’t be done.

And they’re all really nice people.


You can meet them here:

You can read some of the reports right now:

Clockhouse Primary School

South Harringay Juniors


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And this year we have heads who have maintained outstanding and heads who have moved to outstanding, all under the current framework.

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