The 4 reasons people seek legal advice when going through capability

Last week we held our annual capability conference: Tackle Under-Performance Quickly, Kindly And Legally


Clare Fowler, Employment Solicitor at the charity YESS Law, shared the four most common reactions from people who are unhappy when you start talking to them about improving their performance:

  1. It came out of the blue, I wasn’t expecting it.
  2. I’m going through a performance plan and they’re not listening to me.
  3. I’m going through a performance process but it’s a foregone conclusion, they’ve already decided they want me out.
  4. What they wanted from me was not reasonable.

If people react negatively like this, things are only going to get worse.


Yet all of these reactions are avoidable. Totally avoidable. But only if you know how to have successful difficult conversations.


I’ve asked 1000 school leaders:

Do you need to have difficult conversations? 82% said yes.

Have you been trained to have difficult conversations well? Only 48% said yes.


Have you?

Has your SLT?

Have your middle leaders?


Come and learn how to do these tough conversations well and nip issues in the bud at our training day:

Successful Difficult Conversations in School

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