Heads Up

Love quick, easy and free ways to improve your school?

Here are two key areas that will  improve your environment and what it says about your school – common issues I see in most schools.

  1. Tidy up your reception area

The entrance of your school says a lot about you, take a step back and think about the following:

Is it clutter free? (No deliveries waiting to be put away)

Is there a lot of signage? If so what’s really needed. I see signage that blocks the glass almost entirely!

2. Staff room

This is a reflection of how much you value your team and how much they value the school.

There are simple things you can do to improve it:

Are there enough tea spoons (or are your team using forks for tea bags?)

Are there enough cups?

Are there things that have been left or dumped in the staff room that can be removed?

Get some nice plants, fake or real.

Simple but transformational – try it and send me some before and after photos, I’d love to see the difference 😊