Recuperation is the oft-forgotten part of high performance – 3 tips for half-term

Half term.

Phew! It’s here (or soon will be).


Time to collapse maybe?

Get your hair done?

Dentist appointment?

What else is on the to do list?


Maybe you’re going away for this half term, maybe you’ll be at home.


Whatever your plans, have you planned in time to recuperate?


Recuperation is a key facet of high performance, but one we often overlook.


So how can you increase your recuperation over half term?

  1. What recharges you?
    You might know this already, but you also might not. Don’t worry if you don’t, a lot of us don’t. We’re so committed to our work that we can wonder what down time is for us (I’m constantly having to remind myself and check ‘what do I do to relax?’ – daft, but true!).
    Somethings are true for us human being though:
    1. Exercise
    2. Good food
    3. Sleep
    4. Time with others
  2. Form a habit for a week
    Can you do something that recharges you every day, or more regularly for a week? Go for a walk every day, cook dinner every day and plan meals you really enjoy. If not daily then every other. The idea here is to form a habit. Even better if it’s a habit you can take back into school, even if it’s not every day.
  3. Managing the to do list of motivated people
    We’re motivated people. We like getting stuff done. So what’s a job you want to get done every day? I’ve put this as the third tip because often it’s the top of the list and I’d encourage you to put tip 1 and 2, well, first and second.


I suggest ‘everyday’ because 

1) it requires less thought and planning

2) it helps build a bit of a habit

3) we can experience the effect of it because we’ve done it for 7 days.


Of course, do what works for you.


Recuperation and rest is as important as the work we do.

And whether you form a set of habits that help you recharge and be ready for the term ahead, or you spend the week in bed, I hope you have a wonderful half term 🙂


What are you doing over half term? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you (I always do 🙂