Heads Up

As a headteacher you are the leader of your school and the leader of the next generation; you know too well that your school’s success ultimately rests on your shoulders.

Leadership creates culture by design; a lack of leadership allows a culture to form by accident.

Great leaders create great cultures.

The behaviour of individuals, consistently repeated over time, creates culture. Great leaders know this and keep using the three key strategies to create the right culture for their school.

Leadership teams

Any leader who complains that their leadership team is not good enough sadly only has themselves to blame (unless they have just taken on the role). Great leaders take responsibility and so if your leadership team isn’t performing well enough then you have to fix it, the reason this is often hard is because we don’t train Heads on how to do this.

Great leaders grow their leaders skills 

Leadership is a skill. In fact it’s a set of skills, and great leaders cultivate leadership skills in their leaders. They develop management knowledge and skills, like budgeting and strategic planning but also core leadership skills that centre around leading and managing people such as having difficult conversations well and growing their best. If you’re going to create your amazing school your leadership team needs to help you most. 

Great leaders make themselves redundant 

A great leadership team should be able to run the show without you because great leaders make the need for their input redundant. It feels a bit scary, don’t worry, that’s natural, but please understand that not many people are able to lead at a level which makes their input redundant. This level os leadership is highly valuable and therefore unlikely to lead to real redundancy, but more likely to bigger, greater roles.

If you’d like to know how we can help you and your school develop a culture of excellence by working with you and your leadership team, please contact [email protected]