Heads Up

Here’s how reactions look like in an RI, Good and Outstanding school.

You’ve got an idea to improve an aspect of school, maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s maths, maybe it’s playtime.

You’re excited to share it.

And you do, at a staff meeting.

Depending on the culture of your school you will tend to get different reactions and it’s straightforward to track your culture alongside the Ofsted judgements. Here’s how it looks.

In a school that is Requires Improvement you’ll see a number of people’s reaction resist the idea, either verbally e.g. ‘you want us to do more’, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, or non-verbally through their expressions, rolling their eyes, disapproving or exasperated sighs.

It won’t be everyone, but a significant group (significant in size and/or influence).

In a Good school the overall reaction is more positive, you’re likely to see more questions about why you want to change from the current way, and comments about the impact it will have on the team like workload or time to understand the idea.

In an Outstanding school you’ll see questions of a different nature, ones that are aimed at developing the idea further or making it land with great impact.

Which do you get?

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