Heads Up

I’ve met a lot of Outstanding Heads and walked into a lot of Outstanding schools.

And I hear a lot of ‘myths’ about what it is to be Outstanding.

Here are seven I come across regularly:

1. They only teach a narrow curriculum.

Even before the new Ofsted framework put a focus on a broad and balanced curriculum, the Outstanding schools I’ve been into offered a stunning curriculum.

2. The staff have to work harder.

Not harder, smarter. I see the happiest staff in the Outstanding schools I walk into.

3. Their schools are in areas without deprivation.

No. Each year, we have six recently outstanding Headteachers speak at ‘Moving to Outstanding’ – all of them have a level of deprivation, some to staggering levels. But this didn’t hold them or their school back, in fact, it spurred them on.

4. They focus on the framework.

While I’m sure they all look at the framework (I only saw one Head with a highlighted copy), their focus is creating exceptional education. They are clear about that, their vision, and it guides and drives them. ‘Outstanding’ comes as a result, not the driver.

5. They have more money.

If only. Only one of the Heads I’ve met (and I’ve met over 50 recently Outstanding Heads) had a surplus budget when they became Head. Many of the others came into post with huge deficits, and they certainly weren’t any better off than other schools.

6. I have to be a hero Head.

Definitely not. In fact, I don’t think I’ve met a hero Head and most of the Outstanding Heads I’ve met have been determined, smart but not ‘showy’ and ‘it’s all about me’ – for them, as I imagine it is for you, it’s all about the children.

7. Because they are Outstanding, they have more time to do things which raise standards.

Like money, they have no more time than any other school I’ve met, but they are clear on what they want to do and with that vision, they plan and take steps to make it a reality.

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