Heads Up

I know recruitment is hard. Even without teacher shortages it’s hard, because it’s hard to find the right people. And yet the success of your school has a lot to do with the people you recruit.

So how does a vision make it easier? Let me share a story of head who found it did.

Summer term.

50% of teaching staff leaving. Night. Mare.

Leaving for good reasons : love, life and promotion.

Advert goes out.

Poor field.


What do we do?

Head and Deputy sit down. Heads in hands. Work the problem. Work the problem.

We’ve got a new powerful vision. We love it. We need to recruit to that.

Put the vision in the advert.

Get applications.

Get good applications.

Get really good applications.

Three rounds of interviews.

Strong candidates.

Can be demanding in what we’re looking for.

Know the no compromise criteria.

Recruit all posts with no compromise.

Autumn term: school is buzzing with high quality teaching.

The turning point: the team worked on creating a powerful vision and used it to attract the right people.

It might feel like you’re ‘fishing in a smaller pool’ but you’ll be fishing in the right pond – as long as you have a powerful, well articulated vision.

We helped many schools create such a vision, find out how we can help you create a powerful vision here: