How to predict when the inspectors will be knocking…



At our annual conference ‘Moving to Outstanding 2016: Best practice from outstanding head teachers’ the brilliant Gillian Kemp, Headteacher at Cyril Jackson Primary School in London, shared a way in which you can have a pretty good idea of when your next inspection will be.

I’d never heard of this way before but speaking to delegates from the day they’ve been putting it to good use.

It’s not perfect so please don’t treat it as such, but I’m sure it will prove to be useful to you.

Here’s what Gillian said:

This is not an exact science but there is generally a pattern of Ofsted Inspections, remember if you are Outstanding you will only be inspected if there has been a complaint or results dip. Any school could be selected for these reasons.

  1. Google – DfE Performance Tables 2016
  2. Press – start now
  3. Select – Local Authority
  4. Type – Enter your area e.g. Bournemouth
  5. Select – Primary
  6. Click on the underlined link – See performance tables for all schools and colleges in your area
  7. Click – Ofsted tab
  8. Click – Date of inspection to sort in this order

This should help you see when your inspection is likely to be.

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