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I know that hearing the ‘O’ word can sometimes send shivers down your spine and send you into a thought process of ‘What will they think of us’, but here at Heads Up we encourage schools and Headteachers to think in another way.

A great restaurant who consistently deliver high quality plates of food from the kitchen don’t worry when a restaurant inspector sits down. 

They know if they deliver to their standards (and what they demand from themselves) they will be well reviewed well.

Those chefs know that by setting high standards in the first place and never allowing complacency and average work to be accepted, they will do just fine.

The schools that set high standards and measure themselves as the norm don’t worry about Ofsted coming along either.

They know they have already put in place the high standards that a regulator wants to see. 

Their focus is on continually improving their own standards and breaking new boundaries so  they can inspire their community and support the children in their care.

These schools take education back, they are not driven by Ofsted, they are driven by excellence.

And if you want to define excellence, as these schools have, you do it by creating an incredible vision for your school, one that your team can really buy into and one that guides your actions and decisions.

Ofsted share some ideas on what they think a schools vision should show but we’ve worked with lots of schools to help them create a vision which galvanises a team to push towards excellence. Excellence by their own standards (and ‘Outstanding’ is a by-product, not a driver).

Here is the basis of creating that great vision: https://ukheadsup.com/great-vision-free-ecourse/

Why don’t we jump on a call and chat through what your vision is and see what would be needed to create your school a vision that can inspire everyone to head in the same direction?

Ofsted might set a standard but its your own standards and expectations which matter more They are what can make you genuinely outstanding.

Don’t you agree?

I can’t wait to speak with you 🙂 

Nisha Vyas
Customer Success Manager, Heads Up Limited
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