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Coaching makes you younger

I know that sounds like it’s a beauty product, but it’s true! When we have a problem, something that is gnawing at us, weighing us down, we tend to look tired and older.

So often I’ve sat down to coach someone and they have looked like they are carrying the world on their shoulders; the colour of their skin has drained, dark circles and bags under the eyes seem worse, the skin on their face slacker. And this is regardless of gender and age because it’s a relative change. Thankfully, so far, all these coaching sessions have gone well and part of the reason I know is because of the physical change I see in people – their eyes are brighter, they sit upright, and they have colour in their cheeks. Compared to how they walked in, they are positively radiant.

So, like I say, coaching makes you look younger, or maybe it’s healthier, or happier. Whichever it is, it’s good!

About the Author

Sonia Gill is founder of Heads Up, specialising in supporting Head Teachers and School Leaders create an outstanding school culture. https://ukheadsup.com

photo credit: Christina Saint Marche via photopin cc