Christmas is a mission

Unless you are one of those super organised people then Christmas can be a bit of mission. Term ends. Get last (or all) of the remaining presents. Move things around the house. Make sure you’ve got your online Christmas shop booked. We run into it and then can find it’s a bit of anti-climax. I can explain why. It’s because Christmas is a mission.

A mission is something you can achieve (whether you do or not), something you can ‘tick’ off. So getting set up for Christmas is a mission. It creates focus and energy, almost no matter what happens we pull it off. But once it’s done it can feel like an anti-climax. Because the mission is complete.

However, we can avoid the anti-climax if we see it as part of a bigger vision. A vision is unachievable, something we’ll never achieve and so Christmas or the seasonal break could be seen as part of a bigger vision of spending quality time with loved ones. If you see it like that then it’s not just about Christmas day but about the time overall and this can make it feel less like a mission and more like a wonderful annual event that allows us to show our love to our loved ones.

This doesn’t work for everyone and you might do this already, but if you don’t and you like the idea of it, give it a go and let me know at [email protected]