Heads Up

A huge number of us were taken in by ‘Blue Planet 2’, and the wonderful Sir David Attenborough’s call to reduce the impact of plastic waste.

It certainly got me thinking and, since then, I’ve tried to reduce the amount of plastic (and waste) I produce in lots of small ways. It turns out there are a lot of great ways to do this which I’ve tried and tested, and thought I’d share – you might even get some ideas for Christmas presents! 😊

Here are 5 easy ways to reduce your plastic and save money:

Reusable bottle

This is an easy one that you probably already do, and a great way to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Can’t I just recycle? Yes, but there is a lot of information about just how much can really be recycled.

Reusable coffee cup – with a difference

I struggled to find a  reusable cup for a long time, as there’s only so much space in my handbag and rucksack, so I was delighted when I found Pokito – a collapsible mug.

It’s available on Amazon and on the company’s own website, where they share their back story as well: https://pokito.net/

I love mine and even the Baristas I visit comment on how cool it is!


I use an electric brush but I also keep a normal toothbrush which I use now and then.

Apparently, in the US alone, one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year. That is a lot of plastic! This is such an easy change to make; you can get varying colours and bristles, and I’ve enjoyed using mine. Click here for Amazon link

Laundry egg – various sizes

This is one of my favourite changes: it’s good for the environment and has saved us money because it’s meant we don’t need to buy laundry liquid or softener, this egg does it all, meaning we don’t put those big plastic bottles into the recycling and the pellets themselves are environmentally-friendly: https://www.ecoegg.com/about-s/

I use the ones without fragrance but they do also do fragranced eggs. From reading the reviews, I think that if you like your clothes to smell of laundry products then I’m not sure you’ll like the egg. Click here for Amazon link

Refillable cleaning products

A friend introduced me to Splosh, which has refillable cleaning products that arrive through the post, meaning we don’t keep binning those plastic bottles. Yay! https://www.splosh.com/