Resources: Journey to Outstanding

(2nd edition)

Welcome! You’ll find all the resources referred to in ‘Journey to Outstanding: How to break the glass ceiling of good and create genuinely outstanding schools’.


Resource 1: Hear from 30 outstanding headteachers in 30 minutes

You might not have time to meet a collection of ‘outstanding’ headteachers so here’s a nice resource that will help. You can hear from 30 outstanding headteachers in the highlights from our annual conference.

Resource 2: Meet recently outstanding headteachers

Our flagship annual conference sells out every year. Learn from heads who are getting above average results, in below average circumstances.

Resource 3: Create a great vision

If you want your school to be outstanding, you need to get your vision in shape – a bad one does little for you, but a great one gets your team on your bus and chomping at the bit to achieve it.

Our free ‘Create a great vision’ e-course can help you!

Resource 4: Heads Up vision and cultural eco-system

To hear the Heads Up Vision, in this short video (1:36 mins).

Resource 5: Nine compelling visions

You can see examples of powerful visions online here.

Resource 6: Two-minute top tips to help you have more successful difficult conversations

I’ve distilled many of my top tips into weekly ‘two-minute top tips’ videos. You can access them on our Heads Up YouTube channel and you can subscribe here.

Resource 7: Cost of conflict calculator

These issues are also costing you a huge amount of time and money. To see how much, use my ‘cost of conflict calculator’ which is free and easy to use (your school business manager will love this resource).

A 5:22min video walks you through how to use it.

Resource 8: What if they don’t sit nicely?

That’s a great question which I’m asked a lot. In this video I show you how to adapt to such a situation, in just three-minutes.

Resource 9: Learn how to structure a difficult conversation

Access my short five-part video e-course where I take you, step by step, through how to structure a difficult conversation for success.

Resource 10: Ten common mistakes leaders make when having a difficult conversation

Here are ten common mistakes we make when having a difficult conversation.

Resource 11: Using the matrix

In this five-minute video Sonia talks you through how to use this matrix.

Resource 12: Environmental walk-around

Find out more about our environmental walk-around here.

Resource 13: My top five leadership book recommendations

Here are the five leadership books I highly recommend.

Bonus resource: Difficult Conversations with parents

A guide for teachers