Heads Up

You remember the marmite adverts: Love it/Hate it. I’m definitely in the hate it camp!

Well I think a vision should be a bit like marmite. People should love it or hate it. Well maybe not hate it, but not like it at least.

The worst visions are those that no-one feels strongly about…the ones that we can be indifferent to…a bit ‘pah’ about. Whilst no-one might disagree with it I’m pretty certain no-ones going to shed blood, sweat and tears for it. A good vision will inspire people to go that extra mile and to get that you might have to meet some people who don’t like it. That’s a good thing.

I’m not saying don’t take feedback, but you have to marshal it according to what’s right for your vision and not to get more people to like it.

I find it fascinating to see individual words crafted in a vision, people having really strong opinions about words like ‘success’ and the like, and after the dust has settled no-one is inspired and no-one remembers the vision. But no-one dislikes it (and no-one loves it).

I hate marmite, but I love that they know and embrace the fact that some people utterly love the taste and others despise it. It’s hard not to respect that.

What would marmite taste like if they opted to try and make everyone like them? Probably pretty forgettable…sadly like so many visions.

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