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Did you know the CBI estimates 20% of leadership time is spent dealing with conflict – that’s one day a week of each of your leaders! Which is about 13k a year for a one form entry school.

If you don’t like conflict but know it’s a necessary part of being a school leader then this “Successful Difficult Conversations” training day is for you.

It’s a day where we are going to be giving you all the best bits of our 5 day “Successful Difficult Conversations” training course, in fact we are not just giving you the best bits, but the best of the best bits!

P1030800So what are these best bits?  They’re parts which the 100s of school leaders I’ve trained love most, they include:

  • How to make sure your message is heard
    (you know what it’s like when someone walks away having ‘heard’ something else!)
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake that we see at least 50% of school leaders make
    (and we’re afraid we are being kind when we say 50% :/ )
  • How to keep your conversation on track
    (and not let those ‘diversion demons’ get the better of you)
  • How to get the party started
    (or at least start the conversation with confidence and kindness)

And for the first time we are going to share some of the best tools and techniques we’ve used time and time again to move an un-improving issue forward (and which are usually covered at the end of our 5 day course) We’re going to cover a lot on the day so you can go away with a stack of strategies and techniques to make those difficult conversations more successful.

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