Make your difficult conversations more successful and less stressful!

Training to have successful difficult conversations is crucial if you want an outstanding culture in your school.

Successful difficult conversations are about resolving issues, quickly, kindly and effectively – because conflict costs you money, causes stress and blocks school improvement. You can see how much conflict can cost you by using our conflict cost calculator.

Our online training course will teach you to make your difficult conversations successful by:

  • Showing how to ensure your message is heard.
  • Manage the emotions so your conversation stays on track.
  • Structure the conversation so you resolve the issue quickly.

Training course structure:

The course consists of five modules of multimedia e-learning:

  1. The core skills for a successful difficult conversation – how to build trust, manage emotions and structure your conversation.
  2. Getting to the point – how to be clear and avoid going off track.
  3. How to flex your leadership style – how to choose the best approach for different conversations.
  4. Tools and techniques – lots of methods for different scenarios.
  5. Legal parameters – advice from our resident legal expert in clear and easy to understand language.

You can work through at your own pace and revisit modules as often as you want. The training course has been developed from our highly effective successful difficult conversations programme, which has helped hundreds of school leaders. See some of their feedback here.

Meet the training team

Sonia Gill – Founder of Heads Up, educational leadership coach and specialist in making Primary schools outstanding.





Emma Webster – employment solicitor and judge, specialist in advising schools on employment issues.




Find out more about our training

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