School Leadership Team Training

At Heads Up, we understand the importance of a great school leadership team and the impact you have on the lives of your fellow teachers, pupils and the community you serve. We know that you have been charged with providing the very best education possible for thousands of children that progress through your school, and without the right support in place, we know how tough that can be. That is why we provide school leadership team training, to help you get the very best out of your team so that you can provide the education you want, without the small issues getting in the way.

We develop school leadership in three main ways:

Journey to Outstanding

The magic ingredient between a good and outstanding school is culture.  Our Journey to Outstanding programmes skill you and your school leadership team in how to create a high-performing culture through three key leadership strategies:

  1. A clear shared vision that the school leadership team buy into and support
  2. Creating the right adult behaviours and performance through successful difficult conversations
  3. Growing the skills of the team so they are brilliant at their job and love coming to work 

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Successful Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are a part of everyday life as part of a school leadership team, but do you know the skills that make a difficult conversation more successful? Our school leadership training is 100% recommended by 100s of headteachers and school leaders, and is sure to help improve your difficult conversations.


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School Leadership Coaching

Life as part of a school leadership team can be exciting; new challenges, new success, the joy of seeing your children grow and do well, but it can also be heavy, carrying lots of responsibilities on your shoulders, often without acknowledgment of the work you have done.

Coaching is a fantastic way for headteachers and school leaders to be supported in moving both yourself and your school forward.

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“Working with Heads Up was the best investment I’d made for my school in years”

– Pam Virdee, Longfield Primary School, London

Why Heads Up?

We have trained many senior leadership teams to help them achieve the school they have always dreamed of. With a background in Primary School Teaching and a degree in Psychology, our Founder, Director and leader of our training programmes, Sonia Gill has a wealth of experience in the education sector.

We understand that every school is unique and so we tailor school leadership training courses that are bespoke to each school.


How do I Start?

Starting our school leadership training courses are simple, just get in touch using the form below and we will contact you to arrange a call.

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