Download Journey to Outstanding leadership book first 4 Chapters

The #1 UK ranked book for Education/Leadership

cover2Do you want to create the outstanding school you’ve always dreamt of leading? This book will show you how.

Sonia Gill has supported hundreds of UK school leaders. She has found there is a qualitative difference in taking a school to Good and leading a school to Outstanding. Being outstanding is all about creating the right culture.

Whilst most school leaders can make a school good, many are not as well trained in using three core leadership strategies for creating an outstanding culture:

  1. A clear shared vision that the team support
  2. Creating the right adult behaviours and performance through successful difficult conversations
  3. Growing the skills of the team so they are brilliant at their job and love coming to work

This book will tell you how to use these three leadership strategies to create the excellent school you have always dreamt of learning.

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