Meet the vision gremlins

These gremlins are found attacking and damaging visions up and down the land, and once you know who they are, you can fight back.  There are 5 common gremlins, each with their own unique skills to damage your vision; come and meet them, find out their weak spots, and how to get them out of […]

Do you know how much conflict is costing your school?

Did you know the CBI estimates 20% of leadership time is spent dealing with conflict – that’s one day a week of each of your leaders… about £13k for a one form entry school! Click the link to download our “Cost of conflict spreadsheet” and watch this short tutorial so you can work it out […]

Is there a glass ceiling of good at your school?

In the 2016/17 inspections: If you were an Outstanding school you were most likely to move to Good. If you were a Good school you were most likely to remain as Good. If you were a Requires Improvement school you were most likely to become Good. If you were an Inadequate school you were most […]

Having Successful Difficult Conversations from “Journey to Outstanding”

A must for any Headteacher!   When tackling under-performance or staff behaviour there are a few steps you need to take that will permeate positively. This download section of the book will explain:   How to have clear expectations Making sure your house is in order Identifying where the issues are Having successful difficult conversations […]

10 Mistakes Leaders make in Difficult Conversations

10 easy to avoid mistakes leaders make in difficult conversations e-course Nobody likes to have difficult conversations, but as school leaders it is the Headteacher’s job to outline issues and ways for the team to move forward. Over the years from training thousands of school leaders, we have noticed patterns, common pitfalls and stumbling blocks […]

Download Journey to Outstanding leadership book first 4 Chapters

The #1 UK ranked book for Education/Leadership Do you want to create the outstanding school you’ve always dreamt of leading? This book will show you how. Sonia Gill has supported hundreds of UK school leaders. She has found there is a qualitative difference in taking a school to Good and leading a school to Outstanding. Being outstanding […]

Headteacher’s choose your own adventure book!

Can you save a teacher’s career in one successful difficult conversation? Do you remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books we had  as children? Where you would shape your own story by choosing the actions the lead character took? Welcome to a Headteacher specific version! In the UK Heads Up choose your own adventure, you get […]