As a school leader, you are one of the UK’s most important leaders, charged with providing the very best education for 1000’s, of children over the course of your headship. Do you have the best support in place for you?

Life as a leader can be very lonely; you protect your team from politics, you make hard, unpopular decisions for the good of your school and children.

Life as a leader can be heavy; you carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, you work hard, yet how often do people acknowledge you for all that you’re doing?

Life as a leader can be exciting; new challenges, new success, and the joy of seeing your children grow and do well.

Coaching is a fantastic way for leaders to be supported in moving both yourself and your school forward, for the tough things and also for good things.

We’ve coached a lot of heads and senior leaders, and they’ve all found coaching invaluable. As one head said, ‘you make everything so much clearer; I wish every day could start with a coaching session.’