On this page is information about:

  1. How does it work?
  2. Is it secure?
  3. Do my team need to be together?
  4. Is online training as good as in school?
  5. Tips to get the most out of online training.
  6. What people are saying about our online training.


  1. How does it work? We meet remotely and online via zoom – don’t worry if you haven’t used this system, it’s very easy and we will help you and your team familiarise yourself with it.
  2. Is it secure? We take two precautions to protect against any uninvited visitors
    1. a meeting password – which is required to join
    2. a waiting room – this means you can only enter the meeting if the host, which will be your trainer, let’s you in.
  3. Do my team need to be together? No, everyone can join from wherever they are.
  4. Is online training as good as it is in school? Yes, in fact some aspects work better online.
  5. Tips to get the most out of online training:
    1. For the duration of the training try to find a space where you are not distracted.
    2. You don’t need to use headphones but can choose to use them if you prefer.
    3. Use separate devices during the training – you’ll get more from the session than if you share.
    4. Do have some water available throughout.
    5. You might want to have an item of clothing that you can take on or off – we will have regular breaks but because you’ll be sitting you might find you get a little bit cool.
  6. This is what people are saying about our online training:

‘Brought everything together well. Works better on zoom with everyone typing different sections into same doc than it did handwriting face to face.’

‘A massive thank you! The training was fantastic and I have taken so much out of it that I will use in my day to day. Although this session was on zoom, I don’t think this hindered the course at all! Sophie was engaging and full of tips.’

‘Really enjoyable day. At the start of the day I was worried how it would be on zoom, but its been fine. The day was really well put together.’

‘The day has flown by!! Particularly impressive as we’ve all worked via Zoom.’

‘Thank you for a really useful and informative session. In these new zoom times it was great. I have to admit I was sceptical about the role play but now really value having done it.’

‘I actually think this training is better over zoom that in person, cameras off and microphones make you less anxious and more relaxed to have that conversation with the actor.’


If you have any questions prior to the training please contact your trainer or email info@ukheadsup.com

We’re looking forward to supporting you develop your school further 🙂

Sonia and the Heads Up team